Ask What are your expectations for GPT-4?

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With GPT-4 just around the corner, what are your expectations?

GPT-3 was trained on 175,000,000,000 data points wheras GPT-4 is trained on reportedly 100 Trillion data points. What new use-cases do you think this will open up and what are you hoping to get from GPT-4?

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  • Nikola Renčková 1 year ago

    branching and unraveling the core in terms of dynamism and rendering the language of diplomacy for peacekeepers

  • zaka100 1 year ago

    GPT-4 meilleur chat de connaissance

  • Ahmed Mohamed 1 year ago

    arabic car plate Recognition project

  • Sana btry 1 year ago


  • carlo califri 1 year ago

    The possible realization of a unique essay Wise Being by Kirk Ouimet

  • Kohai 1 year ago

    I think it will result in better responses from ChatGPT, I hope at some point they will train the model dynamically with current data

  • Take The Lantern 1 year ago

    GPT-4 looks very cool

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