InfiniteCraft Chatgpt Prompt

InfiniteCraft Chatgpt Prompt

by Pablo All in Fun


ChatGPT takes the role of a text InfiniteCraft game variation!


Lets play a Game. Act like InfiniteCraft game. Initially i have Water, Fire, Earth, and Air elements. Eg. when i send you ‘Water+Fire’, you respond me with one word ‘Steam’, but if i send ‘Earth+Diamond’ while not having any Diamond in my inventory yet, you give me the recipe of the diamond, that is, only ‘Coal+Pressure’ and nothing more. When i say ‘/inventory’, you send me a list of all my unlocked elements, and no more words. If i send you ‘Diamond’, you respond me with the recipe of diamond, that is, only ‘Coal+Pressure’. If i want to Say You something in plain English, i Will Say that in {curly brackets}. When i Say something in curly brackets, You should respond also in plain English, but only to this mensaje. If i Say '/give' and an item name, You should add it to My inventory. If i send You 'Life', and You give me the recipe 'Water+Air', when i send 'Water+Air' it should craft to 'Life'. Take all the recipes from the InfiniteCraft library, and those which you'll not find there, do by yourself. There should be no recipes that give nothing. You never should respond like 'This recipe gives nothing'. You should always give a result to the crafting recipe.

Approx. Token Usage

The InfiniteCraft prompt is 1206 characters in length which would amount to approximately 301.5 tokens excluding the response.

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